About Lendabit and How It Works?

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About Lendabit and how it works? = in this post we want to share with all additional interesting information about the service. Lendabit full review is on another page, here we’ll show you some info from social networks, forums, chats, youtube, etc. So you could understand how it works more and decide if one needs for you and how it can be usefull in your life.

Lendabit and how it works

About Lendabit and How It Works?

Lendabit started from July 2, 2018. Official website: https://lendabit.com, so just visit one, sign up and use its benefits. So you can easily use your crypto for getting cash or increase your capital as an investor.

Lendabit workflow

There are several main useful links:

Min. deal amount is 100 USD and that’s mean that you can easily test platform and how it works. Loan period up to 3 years period. Lendabit platform operates 24/7, so you can start any time you want. Service overcomes the gap between traditional finance service and blockchain technology.


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Lendabit Terms

  • Loan amount: 100 USDT  – 200000 USDT
  • Loan term: 1 day – 3 years
  • Interest rate: 0,1% – 100%
  • The interest  accrual period: fact/360 days
  • Initial LTV: 50%
  • Margin Call LTV: 70%
  • Collateral transfer LTV: 85%
  • Withdrawal fee USDT: 5 USDT/1 transaction
  • Withdrawal fee BTC: 0,5% (min 0,001 BTC and max is 1 BTC)
  • Collateral transfer fee: 0,5%

Borrowers system fee: (in USDT)

  • <2500: 3%
  • 2501 – 10000: 2%
  • 10001 – 50000: 1%
  • 50001+: 0,5%

All explanations you can find on official Lendabit website: https://lendabit.com/fees_and_limits

How Lendabit Works for Investors

lendabit dasboard for investors

This Lendabit dashboard for investors. And you can see here menu and get all the information about the process of investing. In the beginning, with red, system asks you to confirm your registration with email, do it please at once. Lower want to make you a short review about Lendabit dashboard and one’s main sections.

5 reasons to invest to lendabitFor example, Lendabit uses Exonum – it is framework, which is developed by Bitfury. One helps to keep all investments and borrowers money safe. Also it audit alltransactions very fast.

Investing dashboard

Here you can choose your loan pool which will fit you the best. You can invest up to 200k USDT and choose the period of loans you want to make. Longer period = more interest for investors. Period: from 1-12 months. And annual interest from 8%-12%.

Also, here you can check all Lendabit loan requests:

Lendabit loan requests

And do loan offer you want, choosing the requests interesting exactly to you.

Deals and Offers

  • Here you can see active deals
  • Loan offers
  • Closed deals
  • Canceled deals
  • And other information connected to it

Sure, you can communicate with borrowers inside the platform, using internal massaging. In the balance section, you can see information about your current balance, how much you earn, how to withdraw money in Lendabit system, all history, how to make a deposit to the Lendabit account, etc.

How Lendabit Works Borrowers

There are only 3 steps to take a loan:

  1. To register an account on our service and verify your account accordingly to the service requirements.
  2. Transfer BTC collateral to your LendaBit.com address.
  3. Receive a loan here you need to choose between several borrowing options: place an individual loan request, select yours from a pool of standard loans or browse and accept loan offers made by Investors.

Why Lendabit for borrowers

After online registration you will get to the dashboard:

lendabit dasboard for borrowersDashboard for borrowers are very common to investor’s one, but vice versa. You don’t make loans, you take it. Everything the same, you see offers (investors see requests) and choose those you are interested from your side. Everything is simple, just try now.

Why Lendabit is secured platform

Safety and security. Proactive security management under-recognized Industry standard.💰🔑🔐

1️⃣2️⃣ cornerstones of security and safe operation☑️:

✅ Cutting edge, blockchain based technology used for web development ⛓☝🏻;
✅ Distributed access management system eliminates hacks and wallet theft🛃🖥;
✅ Platform designed with best practices and recommendations of recognized experts, notably models and guidance from OWASP (https://www.owasp.org) 💻📱;
✅ Intrusion detection and prevention tools, system monitoring, multiple levels of protection make successive attacks highly improbable👨🏻‍💻📈;
✅ An additional layer of security is provided by the 2-step verification process📲👨🏼‍⚕️;
✅ All transactions are verified and analyzed by crystalblockchain.com💎⚙️;
✅ The system of effective DDoS-attack deflection regardless of its complexity📡🛰;
✅ Usage of multi-signature wallets located on secure servers without network connection💶🔐🔏;
✅ An additional confirmation by Email, SMS or 2FA is required to withdraw funds📩📨;
✅ Only the clients that pass through KYC verification have fully functional access to the system 🔍👮🏻.
✅ The collateral amount is stored at the individual client’s address and doesn’t move unless there is a transfer ticket. Anybody can check it using blockchain (in the plan) 🏦🔎.
✅ The smart contract’s source code is publicly available. Anyone can audit it and check its functionality (in the plan)📃🔏🔐.

We are excited to announce the most secure P2P lending platform – Lendabit.com 📈🔐💰💳💪💎🎉

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lendabit and how it works