Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Wallets are very popular for today, but choose it is not simple task. If you don’t know yet, without BTC wallet you can’t receive or send cryptocurrency payments. So, for sure, before you buy your 1st Bitcoins, just organize your wallet.

cryptopay bitcoin walletsBitcoin Wallets Compare Table

NameTypeWebMobileDesktop clientIndependentPrivacySecurityFriendlyPriceRating
Ledger Nano 3HardwareYesYesNoYesGoodGoodYes$5895%
Bitcoin CoreHotNoNoYesYesGoodGoodNoFree90%
Green AddressHotYesYesYesYesModerateGoodYesFree90%
Bitcoin WalletHotNoYesNoYesGoodGoodNoFree85%
Airbitz WalletHotNoYesNoYesGoodGoodYesFree85%
Cool WalletHardwareNoYesNoYesGoodGoodNoSold out80%

Bitcoin Wallets Types

There are many ways how you can use Bitcoin and that’s why we have many different types of one.

  • Hardware wallets – are the most secured, cause they use a physical piece of hardware. Best examples are: LedgerWallet, KeepKey, Trezor
  • Software wallets – are also good, but mostly for those who have small amount of coins
  • Online Bitcoin wallets – you can have access to one easily from Internet
  • Paper Bitcoin wallets – special bitcoin private keys are printed from offline PC device.

Note: we don’t recommend use stock bitcoin wallets for a long time, just shortly to send your money to your hardware wallet, so you were sure about your money secure.

To have better idea how to choose bitcoin wallets, you need think over next factors:

  • If you need to make some payments in personm then mobile wallets are must
  • Frequent payments, then you need mobile or desktop wallets, cause you will need wallet which will be easy and quick in use
  • If you have lot of coins, then only hardware wallet = 70%, and mobile wallet  = 30%, use combinations, so your money where secured by different systems. Don’t put everything in one place.



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