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Cloud Mining May 2019 – (Part #1)

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In this article we want to tell you about some interesting and TOP cloud mining news, which were in May 2019. Of cause, everything can’t be covered, but some things we want to highlight.

Cloud Mining May 2019

Cloud Mining May 2019

Cloud Mining May 2019 – just choose several top keywords about cloud mining for the last 5 years worldwide: “cloud mining”, “bitcoin mining”, ethereum mining”. We see that Google Trend shows us nothing crucial happening at the moment, but let’s wait. Crypto niche is so rapid, that trends can change in several weeks. Also, in order to understand some trends better, we offer you to read next cloud mining May 2019 news.

The HUT 8 Revealed the Cost of Bitcoin Mining in 2018

HUT8 Canadian Mining

All information you can find in there report https://hut8mining.com/hut-8-reports-2018-year-end-financial-results.

HUT 8 – is the largest Canada’s cryptocurrency miner. It has a great partnership with BitFury Group. You can invest in the cryptocurrency with HUT 8 mining company easily. Everything is secured and on high level organized.

Coming back to report, HUT 8 in 2018 mined over 5592 BTC. According to their income statement report the cost per BTC was:

  • Q1 = $2055
  • Q2 = $2782
  • Q3 = $3394
  • Q4 = $3995

Total: $3403

Bitcoin can break through $7200

Cloud Mining May 2019 - (Part #1)
11.05.19 – BTC is over $6789 (Binance)

At the beginning of May, BTC showed trend and may specialists were speaking that Bitcoin can soon reach $6200 and more. Check more: https://twitter.com/CoinDeskMarkets But traders talk, that BTC can reach $7200 mark or even $7500.

p.s. The altcoins growth is more restrained.

Crusoe Energy Systems

Crusoe Energy Systems

What do you know about Crusoe Energy?

Official website: https://www.crusoeenergy.com

Company develops data-centers for cryptocurrency mining which will work on energy from the gas-torch. It will give additional energy for cloud mining and motivate oil companies not to burn gas surplus. Also, it will help to reduce the harm to the environment.

PayPal About Bitcoin

PayPal About Bitcoin

Yahoo Finance published interview John Reyni (CFO PayPal). PayPal has teams, which are working with different cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They have tested already transactions in the cryptocurrency, but people at the moment prefer to keep most of their money in fiat. Company is very interested in opportunities, but they think, it is little bit early time for crypto at the moment.

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