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Coinmama is a long-standing company in the world of cryptocurrency. The service appeared 5 years ago and actively continue to meet the needs of miners. The key function and mission of the company is to help people to buy bitcoin and ethereum with the help of bank cards in any part of the world. Buy bitcoin right now easy!


The history of Coinmama

Coinmama has been working since 2013. There were too many discussions concerning the ownership of the company and actual location. Some people said that this financial service was registered in Israel when the rest talked about the Great Britain and Slovakia.

Actually, both sides are right to some extent, as the Coinmama Company is registered officially in Slovakia. At the same time it is controlled by New Bit Ventures, which headquarter stands in Israel. Moreover, the platform operates in the Great Britain and in 216 other countries worldwide. Over the course of this service existence, Coinmama showed itself as a reliable, client-oriented resource with great reputation and recognition.

Why Coinmama is so convenient and safe

Coinmama supports only the buying of bitcoin and ethereum. While the cryptocurrency exchange service does not perform the function of an agent between investors and sells digital currency from its own savings. The cryptocurrency is not kept on the platform, it is sent to the indicated address at once. Consequently, if the cryptocoins of the investor are not carried on the platform, it makes their stealing by hackers impossible.

When it comes about the Coinmama interface, you can observe its simplicity, it is absolutely clear and has a very attractive design. It is also important to point out that the website usually works fast and without any bugs. There is only one drawback of the interface – only one language. At the moment it is English.

Coinmama prices

Peculiar features of Coinmama

As it has been already indicated above that Coinmama helps only to buy cryptocurrency. If you need to sell your bitcoin or ethereum, you should try some other service.

  • One more peculiar feature about this company is its affiliate program. Its sense is that when you encourage more new cryptocurrency fans to this digital currency exchange service, you can get 15% of commission paid by the new client to this service. You will receive these bonuses once per month. The sum is unlimited.
  • To register yourself in this affiliate program, visit the appropriate section on the website and specify your e-mail address, bitcoin wallet and take some individual password.
  • One more interesting and useful thing here is that you can buy bitcoin and ethereum using your credit card. The biggest part of the exchange platforms like this one, especially the western ones, allow to do it using only the debit card.

Coinmama registration

Coinmama Registration

To register in the system of Coinmama service, it is necessary to visit the website of the company and click “Register”. After that, you will be asked to indicate your e-mail, name and the rest of details, the place of residence (country) and your password.

Then you will get the verification email. It gets to the spam folder often, so do not forget to check it as well. After you confirm everything, you will need to log in one more time.

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