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Cryptotek Affiliate Program

Cryptotek is a new affiliate program you can easily learn more about here https://cryptotek.org

It allows every interested user to earn and engage more and more new participants, as well as getting additional income depending on the amount invested in mining.

  1. It is essential to create a wide network of partner-agents, who will actively advertise the products, and, correspondingly, you will get a good money for that.
  2. Create a pool of entrepreneurs who will run different interesting services, as for example: mobile application, exchangers connected with their Cryptotek servces.

Cryptotek affiliate program

Firstly, become a partner of Cryptotek affiliate program, for that please sign up on the website https://cryptotek.org

Then please activate the affiliate program and fill in the profile.

Cryptotek affiliate program = 10 levels including 3 major directions: 1) Referral system – you receive a certain income from every involved partner; 2)Special Bonus system – depending on the amount you can get additional benefits; 3)Premium bonus system – even more opportunities to earn.

General calculations


Middle Assistant levels = 7% level of income

Senior Assistant levels = 9% level of income

Moreover, you will get additional income through all the investments of your partners. The income means your referral % – the percentage of your partner.


You have at the moment 10% (Junior Manager)

Your partner from the 1st line has 5% and he invests $5000

You will get finally – 10%-5% = 5% from $5000 = $250

The 2nd example

You have 10%

If your partner from the 1st line has have already a certain income level = 7%

Base partner on the 2nd line = 5% (Junior Assistance)

What will you get

Junior Assistant gets 5% from the invested sum

Partners from the first line: 7%-5% = 2% from the investments

You: 10%  –  5%-2% = 3%

When you achieve Junior Manager level = you receive +1% from every investment, bonus % will be determined as follows:

You have 100% investment from the last bonus payment, then you will have +1% to your income.

Example: being Junior Manager and having applied all the terms, you will obtain $2000 bonus payment and then your promotion bonus will be 10%+1% = 11% – it is extended to the investments from all partners. Finally, you will receive the bonuses from each passing to a new level, but it is important to follow the terms of the binary system (no more than 50% turnover for one partner).

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