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Genesis Mining VC Hashflare

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Genesis Mining VC Hashflare – the difference you should know or how to choose the best cloud mining service for yourself and start earning cryptocurrency already today! So, in this article, we have prepared for your detailed analysis of 2 TOP cloud mining services, which will help you to make the right decision on which company you should invest.

genesis mining vc hashflareGenesis Mining VC Hashflare

One of the best ways to compare TOP cloud mining services is in Google Trends:

Genesis Mining VC Hashflare

We see, that since November 26, 2017, Hashflare started to grow rapidly and awareness of one become better than in Genesis Mining, but the period of growth was not so long, just the period BTC exchange rate was high, after the popularity of Hasflare was and left little higher.

Genesis Mining

GeneGenesis Miningsis Mining is the older platform then Hashflare. It offers to join one’s cloud mining services through the data centers. The company offers mining rigs in rent, giving low prices for the contracts. It started in 2013 and works all over the globe: USA, Asia, Europe. They didn’t disclose the locations of their farms for mining and nevertheless to it, they become one of the best cloud mining service ever.

With Genesis Mining you haven’t need any equipment for mining, just create the account on the official website:, choose contract you need and start. You can easily buy contracts with Paypal, Wire, Credit Card VISA or MasterCard, pay with BTC, ETH, etc. After payment, you’ll start mining Bitcoin or Altcoin and getting daily payouts on your account wallet. Genesis Mining has next currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash… and the purchase plans are from $100-$10000 per one for the period of 2-5 years. Just check contract prices. So, depending on the mining contract you choose or will, Genesis Mining has 2 types of one: X11 and SHA-256.

The company invests a lot of money to start a cloud mining service. They have a great team:, who realize the great opportunity for all people. So this is a real company with real people, not just some scam unknown company. So mining with Genesis Mining becomes the pleasant experience. They have simple pricing, new contracts, regular promotions, cool different smart solutions, with support 24/7 and with Genesis Mining you can mine a lot of crypto coins, just splitting your hash power across all coins you want to mine.

Over 300k miners already work with Genesis Mining all over the World and most of all they like in company:

  • It saves time and helps earn money
  • Contract prices are one of the best on the market
  • Great service flexibility
  • Long history, so people believe Genesis Mining, they are the convenience in one service

And not only, so if you are not familiar with this service, just enter the website and register to see all options and opportunities.


hashflareHashflare is the younger cloud mining service then GM. It belongs to HashCoin company. The platform is high popular all over the World. It has the super reliable cloud mining platform which officially launched in 2015 and already for this year they had over 10k users with gained over 1PH/s. Hashflare is very transparent with their customers and provides one of the best mining services in cloud mining. They have subsidized maintenance fee and with Hashflare you can choose mining pool where you want to mine: Viabitcoin, Slush, Antpool, F2 pool, BTCChina, etc. Well, with Hashflare you can purchase hash power you need on a curtein duration: before they had lifetime contracts, now mainly for the 1 year. So to start cloud mining, you just need to enter the official website: and register there, choose your plan, buy it and cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC or LTC) mining will start automatically. More hash power you have more returns you’ll get. All returns you can also re-invest in cloud mining, increasing your online results.

With Hashflare, like with Genesis Mining you haven’t any expenses for procuring hardware, you don’t need to think about electricity costs or the place where you should place equipment. All options are on the side of companies.

hashflare contracts 2018For July 2018, Hashflare has only contracts for Ethereum mining and they are limited, all other contracts (Bitcoin, DASH, ZCash, Litecoin) are out of stock. But stay updated with official twitter channel: and just check sometimes Hashflare website:, hope soon they will get the new one and we can continue mine Bitcoin and other coins.

Hashflare mining services are legit, with simple pricing as Genesis Mining has, they didn’t leave a place for speculations or other no need moments. You can get your earned money almost any time you want, terms are transparent, detailed statistics, no limits for payouts with 2-way payment verification, so everything was secure, 27/7 support, fixed fees.


If you compare Genesis Mining with Hashflare, you will understand that these cloud mining platforms are both efficient, secure, safe for work with them.

Companies have own equipment, contracts, prices, the service level of support and everything is on the high level. They eliminate your need to buy mining equipment, saving your time and other problems. Maybe, for today the main difference between the companies for users, that Genesis Mining for July 2018 has more active contracts, then Hashflare.

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