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HashFlare 2.0: what will be next with Cloud Mining Service HashFlare

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HashFlare 2.0 – if you didn’t no nothing about it, in this article you will get a short review about HashFlare and one’s future plans. Cause HashFlare riched lot, during last 3 years and it is changing.

From statistics:

  • near 4000+ new users
  • up to 8000 any moment use HashFlare service

HashFlare 2.0: what will be next with Cloud Mining Service HashFlareHashFlare 2.0

If to remember, everything started in 2013:

  • HashCoins become one of the 1st companies, which were manufacturing hardware for mining – ASIC chips
  • But not everything was easy: such hardware was and is very expensive. It needs exact skills for tuning in the order it could work and start mine, also, far not every user could set up it. These and other obstacles help to create an idea with cloud mining, which is less risky and the main point, it gives the opportunity to start mine only in several clicks, just buying hashrate and choose the crypto-currency you are interested in mining: BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, ETH.
  • in 6 months after this idea, HashFlare 1.0. was started and over millions of users are registered in HashFlare for today!

What will be next: HashFlare 2.0

With high trending popularity of the service, HashFlare Team understands that they need new changes and with a new Lead Developer all users will get new opportunities:

  • the new level of service optimization
  • new architecture (AWS) and new HashFlare system will be based on Java
  • the website will be separated into several microservices, so everything works more efficient
  • new security level
  • etc 🙂


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