Hashflare Contracts

Hashflare contracts give everyone possibility to start mining in 5 minutes, as only payment will be approved. If you want to mine Bitcoins or Altcoins this is not the bad time, cause prices for BTC, ETH now is +|- stable, so it can be a good time for start and passively earn income.

Hashflare Contracts

Hashflare suppose is one of the oldest cloud mining services in the World contracts of which are still not out of stock. When you purchase some Hashflare contract you get hash power for 1 year. You have less hassle with cloud mining than with classic mining at home, etc. Hashflare did almost everything for you, they have own equipment, not in rent, so the prices of their contracts are one of the best.

Hashflare contracts

ContractsAlgorithmMin. HashrateMaint. fee:PricePayoutAvailablePeriodHardware:Order
ScryptScrypt1 MH/s0.005$/24h$7.50BTCIn Stock1 yearSCRYPTBuy Now
SHA-256SHA-25610 GH/s0.0035$/24$2.20BTCLimited stock1 yearSHA-256Buy Now
EthereumEthash100 KH/sNone$2.20ETHIn Stock1 yearGPU RigsBuy Now
ZCashEquihash1 H/sNone$2.00ZECIn Stock1 yearGPU RigsBuy Now
DASHx11 1 MH/sNone$3.20DASHOut of stock1 yeartestBuy Now

How to calculate evaluated profit

  • It is calculated via the deduction of expenses from your income
  • Income = daily payouts and one depends on the size of the hash rate

You can calculate everything with next calculators, please set all power to zero (0):

  • SHA-256, Bitcoin (BTC) – should deduct the maintenance + power fee of $0,0035 per each 10 GH/s from the income
  • Scrypt, Litecoin (LTC) – //-// of $0,005 per each 1 MH/s from the income
  • ETHASH, Ethereum (ETH)  – no fees
  • X11, DASH  – no fees
  • EQUIHASH, Zcash (ZEC) – no fees

Places where you can calculate your profit:

Also some short discussion about profitability on Reddit and just found one interesting comment with Excel table:

hashflare profitability

The final sum is your estimated profit! The minus only for Hashflare is maintenance fee for BTC & ETH mining and slow support.

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