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Hashing 24 is a specially tailored service by professional team to meet all the related needs of users who cannot imagine their lives without cryptocurrency, cloud mining and high rates for low prices. If you find bitcoin mining something of a great interest – get involved quicker with Hashing 24. Obtaining a certain benefit in the process of mining is the main aim for everyone, that is why this great Company Hashing 24 decided to provide every mining participant with the best technologies and paramount data centers of essential data to feel more convenient in the contemporary world of real miners.

Just having a laptop or smart phone can give you the chance to be among them with this fresh cloud mining service. Mining business is not a new area for Hashing 24 representatives, as they have been dealing with it since 2012. The Company quickly develops, improves and grows investing into new technological equipment and up-to-date tools which makes their constant and new clients even more delighted. They are ready to share their contemporary knowledge with you.

  • They know everything about all key players at the bitcoin mining market.
  • They regularly observe and learn new pacing technological innovations and apply them for their customers.
  • They select the most trustworthy and solid partners who own the best data centers and equipment pieces that gives Hashing 24 an opportunity to steadily enlarge their capacities for selling and offer at the same time the best solutions for their clients.
  • They guaranty their reliable partners provide all essential documents including warranties for their equipment and its proper maintenance. The partners continue to be accountable for any failure in the process of mining.
  • The involve constantly more new and new partners to give you the highest speed, the best capacity rate and performance mining results.
  • Tight cooperation with various companies who have a great experience in mining. Their initial supplier is a leader in the following industry –  BitFury.

Hashing 24 mining steps

Hashing24 cloud mining advantages:

Financial component. Cloud mining does not require significant financial investments. In order to earn when using traditional mining, it is necessary to spend more than $ 1000 for the acquisition of a good miner. It is very hard to earn a great fortune through a cloud-based mining service, but limited risks are a very attractive aspect. At the same time, you can easily sell your capacities at any time, unlike ordinary miners.

Convenience and simplicity. It takes only 5 minutes to start the manning, besides, there is no need to look for a room to place huge machines for mining and not have to suffer from the noise of fans and the high temperature that is released during the operation of the equipment.

Flexibility of solutions. In the usual mining different types of crypto currency require diverse software add-ons – video cards or ASIC, which cannot be combined at the same time. In the possibilities of cloud mining, the instantaneous transition between mining of all kinds is crypto-currency.

Guaranteed quality. The equipment used by the partners of the service is provided by the best manufacturers, in particular the world-famous company BitFury.

How to make money with Hashing24

The Hashing24 team is convinced that Bitcoin has opened a new history of crypto currency, and today is the best moment to become part of the crypto-currency industry.

The process of connecting to the Hashing24 service is as follows:

  • Registration on Hashing24 (it takes about 2 minutes of time);
  • The choice of hash power (you need to consider that the more power, the more bitcoins);
  • Payment for service;
  • Order is redirected to BitFury Mining Data Centers;
  • Beginning of the process of digital currency mining;

For capacity investments, the service announces an annual yield of 120-160%. The minimum amount to contract is about $ 20, which is equivalent to 100 GH/s capacity. To get acquainted with this function, a trial version, the so-called “Demo Mining”, is possible.

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Costs spent during Hashing24 cloud mining

The work with the hashing24 service is accompanied by associated costs, which include a one-time payment for the placement of purchased capacities and a daily maintenance fee.

100 GH / s, as already reported, cost about 20 USD, at the rate of bitcoin 0.008616. The commission fee is charged daily from the total number of cashed bitcoins and is calculated for 1 gigash in the amount of 0.00033 USD per GH / s per day. The cost of maintenance includes a fee for the consumed electricity and ongoing maintenance of equipment. If there is not enough money on the account within 3 days to withdraw the commission, the contract is canceled and the services are terminated.

You can purchase capacities using such payment systems:

  • Bitcoin-wallet;
  • Bank cards Visa / Mastercard;
  • OKPAY;
  • Deposit from the balance of your account;
  • Bank transfer.

The currencies allowed for payment of contracts: BTC, USD and EURO.

Hashing24 Service Overview

The high popularity of the project is accompanied by a variety of reviews on its work, so the novice miners are happy with stable earnings, and experienced miners complain about significant jumps in the amount of payments.

An important factor in the advantages of this service solution is real cloud mining, where the best equipment for bitcoin mining is used.

In addition, it is noted that Hashing24 is an easy-to-use service and provides the highest profitability for its users, in comparison with other platforms.

If you decide to invest in the crypto currency market – Hashing24 is an excellent solution for the realization of your idea, 9 world languages ​​are available on the project, among them Russian, which is very convenient for users from Ukraine.

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