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Hashing24 (visit official website) – bitcoin coudmining service. It is on of the leaders in World cloud mining industry. It makes cloud mining accessible for everyone who want to try earn in this niche. Hashing24 starts in mining business since 2012, so one team has great experience in cloud mining niche and not only.

hashing24 cloud miningToday is the best day to start cloud mining with Hashing24, cause today BTC is $8000, but tomorrow it can be $15000 or even more. Just be aware, that cloud mining has never been so easy with Hashing24, start now and get new earning opportunities.


So, if you want to start mining now, you need just follow next steps:

1) Register online

You can register in Hashing24 for just several minutes with email or authorize with a help of FB/G+

hashing24 online registration2) Choose you plan

You need select the power plan you are interested in and buy it. Remember: more hash power, more BTC you will earn.

  • Then you need to pay and get your hash contract
  • After, Hashing24 send your order to Bitfury and the cloud mining process starts

3) Receive Bitcoins

After you have bought contract, just monitor dashboard and count your profit, which will be updating in dynamic. To withdraw money you just order it and you can get your earning in the same day.

Hashing24 Prices

Choose your plan, that most suites your goals and desires:

  • With a contract you will get opportunity to get power from the hashing24’s partners
  • Service fee includes 1 time allocation, but additionally you’ll need to pay: maintaincefee and one’s supply
  • If during 3 days there were not be enough money on the balance, mining contract will be canceled
  • All terms are here

hashing24 prices

  • You can but your 1st contract with: BTC, USD or EUR.
  • Plans are for 3 years
  • Among of hosts: 1
  • Maintence fee: $0.00033 per GH/s per day

hashing24 paymentHashing24 Advantages

  • One of the best cloud mining solutions from best btc mining centers, which are situated in Georgia & Iceland
  • The newest ASICs – best mining equipment with ultimate performence for one of the lowest costs
  • For sure, 100% uptime guarantee and payouts are based on overall Hashing24’s network
  • Company is informed well about cloud mining niche and actively work with trends in order to upgrade business for better results
  • Hashing24 has the best partners, reliable with innovative equipment and data centers and these, and not only give great opportunities for company’s customers
  • All equipment is under warranties, so everything work safely
  • Mining is legit and all coins are new
  • You can start cloud mining in 10 minutes, Hashing 24 handles with all hardware, so you don’t need worry about equipment
  • The best prices and cool contracts

hashing24 mining calculator

Hashing 24 is focused on efficiency that drives the margins in BTC transaction processing. The difficulty of the network increases too quick, couse more miners want to earn. Company uses best BitFury ASIC chips which give miners maximum performence.

hashing24 demo miningHashing24 contacts

UK office in Scotland:

  • Street: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR
  • Tel: +44(141)5360163
  • E: headquarter[@]hashing24.com | sales[@]hashing24.com

Ukraine Hashing24 Office:

  • Tel: +38(044)2908495
  • E: ukraine[@]hashing24.com

Website: https://hashing24.com – want to know more?

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashing24

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