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IQ Mining Launches 5 Year Contracts

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IQ Mining Launches 5 Year Contracts and this is a great news for all miners. If you are already the IQ Mining user, just make your earnings stable, go to the official website to get more info:

IQ Mining Launches 5 Year Contracts

IQ Mining Launches 5 Year Contracts

Moreiver, IQ Mining has already launched a new promo code for +10% extra hash power so it will help you to save your money and increase the opportunity to earn more.


Start earning with IQ Mining >>> Get new 5 year contracts today for mining: BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, etc.

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Expires on: 08/31/2018

iq mining promo codeIQ Mining contracts

ContractsAlgorithmMin. HashrateMaint. fee:PricePayoutAvailablePeriodHardware:Order
ScryptScrypt1 MH/s0.001$/24h$1.80BTCIn Stock5yearsSCRYPTBuy Now
SHA-256SHA-25610 GH/s0.003$/24$0.80BTCIn stock5yearsSHA-256Buy Now
EthereumEthash100 KH/sNone$1.80ETHIn Stock5yearsGPU RigsBuy Now
ZCashEquihash1 H/sNone$1.60ZECIn Stock5yearsGPU RigsBuy Now
DASHx11 1 MH/sNone$2.80DASHIn Stock5yearstestBuy Now
SHA-256 ProSHA-25610 GH/s0.003$/24$0.80BTCIn Stock5yearsSHA-256Buy Now

IQ Mining was launched in the 2016 – it is enough new smart cloud mining service with frequent payouts for one customer. It has different feedbacks: someone writes that this is a SCAM, another one – everything is cool and he continues to have a stable profit without any troubles and interruptions. Everyone chooses for themselves and find really great advantages. Do not hesitate to try it and gain what you expect in the nearest future. The mining process is automated, you don’t need to buy any hardware! IQ Mining contracts are a very good choice for both the experienced miners and those who would like to try mining power for the first time. Try it now and leave your comments!

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iq mining 5 year contracts