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LendaBit – online platform for crypto loans. It helps one’s investors to the max. their ROI with blockchain secured tools. As for the crypto holders, they gain new opportunity to get cash in fiat they need, keeping their assets for future growth. It was designed the best way for the lending process with the best terms for borrowers and investors. For example, the borrower can take on in a few steps. All transactions are prompt and secured.

LendaBit.com connects investors and borrowers to help them make deals. Both the first and others place applications for a loan and loan offers, indicating the loan parameters of interest to them: the interest rate, term and amount of the loan. The interest rate is fixed at a level that will be attractive for risk-free lending to all parties. All loans are secured with cryptographic security. The value of the collateral is controlled to ensure coverage of all risks. The pledge is the property of the borrower and will be returned only after the loan is repaid.

Official website: https://lendabit.com


  • Loan offers are created by investors, they indicate the details of the loan offer: loan amount, loan term, loan currency. Offers can be accepted by borrowers, but only if there is sufficient collateral.
  • Borrowers make loans to borrowers, indicating the details of their loan requirements: amount, term, currency. Further requests are accepted by investors on requests with a sufficient deposit.
  • Credit pools are loans pools. All offers are collected in one place so that there is quick access for borrowers.
  • As soon as a qualified borrower accepts the loan offer, and a qualified investor confirms the request for the loan, the transaction is realized and the loan is granted.

Interest rate on the loans borrowers and investors set on their own, when they are doing loan request and offer. It is calculated with the next formula: daily interest = loan amount * interest rate / 360 (# of the days in the year). So loan can be issued in several clicks. For investors – as soon as one register at the Lendabit plarform and provide USDT deposit. For borrowers – just register and provide crypto collateral.

LendaBit General

Any individual or entity willing to lend USDT to borrowers and earn interest could become an investor. Here is a short instruction:
Register: https://lendabit.com/register an account
Pass account verification: https://lendabit.com/settings#identification
Deposit: https://lendabit.com/balance/deposit your USDT
Go to the “Invest”: https://lendabit.com/invest tab and choose the best option

Lendabit is the place for borrowers and investors. They can decide themselves how much they can invest or borrow, with what rate, period, etc.

  • Everything is secured by blockchain – service reduces risks for all involved parties. Also, loans are secured by crypto collateral, which is provided by borrowers. Cryptocurrency value is constantly monitored to ensure that the loan amount is covered by collateral. Borrowers can add a cryptocurrency from their side if the collateral value decreases.
  • It is the lending platform on the P2P basis
  • Top-notch system for borrowers and investors
  • Amazing customer experience – a friendly system with UX helps users to be more active
  • Fair interest and fee payments – it is very comfortable for users
  • Lendabit works all over the globe and all loan details you can check in the “Active Deals” of Lendabit account, just register or log in now
  • Lendabit keeps all data confidential and private but can use one to improve its service and just for the updates to its customers

Lendabit borrow

How to Borrow with LendaBit

Anyone who wants to borrow USD and have cryptocurrency for collateral can become a borrower on Lendabit platform. No scoring – this is the main rule and you can withdraw money as soon USDT will be approved so you could get money to your wallet.

  • The min. and max. loan amounts are 100 USDT and 200000 USDT
  • The min. and max. lending period is 1 day and 3 years
  • At the moment loans are only in USDT or cryptocurrency, if you need some specific currency, please write support.
  • LendaBit has own commission system fee according to the rates
  • Interest will be paid only at the end of the loan period
  • Loan period can’t be changed after one started
  • If borrower will not pay, the one’s collateral will be paid to investor except transfer fee
  • The borrower can take even several loans, the main point, that all of them should be provided with collateral
  • If you prepay, nevertheless to it you need pay full interest for the loan

How it works for borrowers:

  1. You register online in 1-2 minutes and do verification
  2. Then you obtain BTC wallet with Lendabit and transfer crypto to it
  3. After you need to choose loan terms
  4. Receiving the loan
  5. And in the end of loan period, repay one

Service is not the bank, it is more like a P2P platform which helps borrowers connect to the investors.

Rate examples

Loan period can be up to 3 years and depending on the loan period interest rate changes, for example, if your loan is $1000, then you will have:

Period: 1 month

  • Rate: 0,02%/day
  • Interest rate: 8,00%/year
  • Principal: $1006.67
  • Collateral Amount: 0.40224375 BTC

The pledge of the borrower remains under the safekeeping of the Lendabit service and will be released only after the loan is repaid.

Period: 3 months

  • Rate: 0,03%/day
  • Interest rate: 9,00%/year
  • Principal: $1023
  • Collateral Amount: 0.41025416 BTC

Period: 6 months

  • Rate: 0,03%/day
  • Interest rate: 10,00%/year
  • Principal: $1050.28
  • Collateral Amount: 0.42119427 BTC

Period: 12 months

  • Rate: 0,03%/day
  • Interest rate: 12,00%/year
  • Principal: $1121.67
  • Collateral Amount: 0.44982383 BTC

About Lendabit protection

Your account in the Lendabit platform is highly protected from different malicious attacks. So, it is secured lending from Lendabit, but users should know next:

  • official website: www.lendabit.com, register it now and be sure you have full access
  • check it with your email, when you get approved after registration from info@lendabit.com
  • Lendabit never asks any passwords
  • especially for borrowers, be very careful, cause you can’t cancel the crypto transaction due to one’s nature of protocols, double check all information, addresses for making payments

Why is collateral provided

The investor must understand that the loans will be repaid under any circumstances. It is also beneficial for the borrower, because there is a pledge that insures and repays the loan in case of non-payment. Besides, the pledge must be 2 times the amount of the loan in the USDT. This margin allows you to block jumps courses in cryptocurrency. Now only BTC currency is available for the collateral in the Lendabit platform, but soon borrowers and investors will be able to use more.

Borrowers after getting loan still owns the crypto asset, but only could sell it after the loan repayment. Crypto collateral keeps in safe with a smart diversified system, which is over exchange pools. Well, if the market value of BTC increases, borrower can get some extra money and withdraw it, so it was like 2:1. But if it decrease, borrowers need to add more crypto to the collateral. Borrowers will be nortified about this with email which one used for registration. Then youhave two options: 1) add crypto; 2) repay the loan amount.

How to Invest with LendaBit

Anyone (individual or entity) who is willing to lend USDT to borrowers and earn interest can become an investor at Lendabit platform. An investor can choose several ways of partnership:

  1. Make an individual loan offer with the specified loan amount in a particular currency and for a clear term. The offer can be accepted by the borrower with collateral.
  2. Include your loan offer in the credit pool with a specific loan amount, term and currency, and then wait until the borrower accepts the offer.
  3. Accept a loan request with conditions from the borrower in the Lendabit platform

Lendabit invest

How it works for investors

  1. You need to register online on the Lendabit website and realize verification
  2. Get USDT wallet on one’s platform
  3. Transfer money to this wallet
  4. Then you can make loans
  5. Receive your interest

Investors can easily deposit and withdraw funds from the Lendabit platform. So funds in USDT are deposited to Lendabit wallets and withdraw money to any wallet with specific currency.

To get USDT you need too use one of the next services:

  1. Kraken.com
  2. Tether.to
  3. EXMO.com
  4. Bittrex.com
  5. Remitano.com
  6. or some other exchange service, which is valid for USDT and buy it with fiat money.

And only after you can send USDT from exchange wallet to the Lendabit’s one.

The investor receives interest only at the end of the loan term. To withdraw interest with principal investor needs to wait when the loan will be repaid. And, if it is already repaid, money will come with 24 hours after the request was made. But, if the borrower will no pay, your loans will be repaid with the funds of borrower’s collateral. Even if the borrower will decide to prepay, the investor will get the full amount of interest for the whole period.

LendaBit Contacts

  • https://www.facebook.com/Lendabit – Facebook
  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/112869239814978100654 – G+
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU4YhEWE5GDbHxmi7NltMDw – YouTube
  • https://t.me/LendaBit – Telegram group
  • https://twitter.com/Lendabit_com – Twitter page
  • https://www.instagram.com/lendabit – Instagram

LendaBit Testimonials

  • If you already use Lendabit service as borrower or investor, please share your thoughts and experience.

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