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MinerBooking – it is  service which can help you to start mining crypto coins already today. You can start it without experience and deep knowledge. Crypto mining with MinerBooking can be an efficient way to find a profitable place for your investments. The company has high-tech equipment, experience so to get one’s users needed results. You can start mine LTC, BTC, DASH and other coins.

Official website:

minerbooking cloud miningMinerBooking is the company who make cloud mining accessible for users all over the World. Cool machines, competitive prices, convenient solutions for cloud mining. The project operates since 2017 and provides mining solutions or it’s customers with maybe the lowest stable prices on the market. All terms are transparent, so if you have some question, just register and write to the support team, it works 24/7. Also, you can mine different coins any time you want.

MinerBooking Plans with Prices

MinerBooking contracts are different and you have a great choice among coins and plans. So prices are for everyone and in several clicks, you can already start cloud mining. Lower plans with most popular machines. If you have already experience, share your thoughts in the comments now. Enjoy the power plans with MinerBooking. So potentially you can get amazing profits, for this you need just:

1) Choose the plan which suites you most of all

minerbooking contracts1) Register and fill in personal details

minerbooking registration3) Then you get to the cart

minerbooking cart4) Click on “Check out”, then confirm your personal information to continue.

5) After you get to the “Payment”, where you need to choose how to buy contract: VISA credit or debet card, Wire Transfer, BTC, etc. That’s all.

minerbooking payment

Bitcoin & BitcoinCash plans and prices

MiniBCH and BTC$534.609 TH/s
StarterBCH and BTC$1 571.409 TH/s
AdvancedBCH and BTC$3 078.009 TH/s
ProBCH and BTC$5 832.009 TH/s
MiniBCH and BTC$683.1011.5 TH/s
StarterBCH and BTC$2 007.9011.5 TH/s
AdvancedBCH and BTC$3 933.0011.5 TH/s
ProBCH and BTC$7 452.0011.5 TH/s
MiniBCH and BTC$801.9013.5 TH/s
StarterBCH and BTC$2 357.1013.5 TH/s
AdvancedBCH and BTC$4 617.0013.5 TH/s
ProBCH and BTC$8 748.0013.5 TH/s
MiniBCH and BTC$1 069.2018 TH/s
StarterBCH and BTC$3 142.8018 TH/s
AdvancedBCH and BTC$6 156.0018 TH/s
ProBCH and BTC$11 664.0018 TH/s

Litecoin plans and prices

MiniBCH$534.609 TH/s
StarterBCH$1 571.409 TH/s
AdvancedBCH$3 078.009 TH/s
ProBCH$5 832.009 TH/s

DASH plans and prices

MiniDASH$237.6019.3 GH/s
StarterDASH$698.4019.3 GH/s
AdvancedDASH$1 368.0019.3 GH/s
ProDASH$2 592.0019.3 GH/s

Siacoin plans and prices

MiniSC$207.90815 GH/s
StarterSC$611.10815 GH/s
AdvancedSC$1 197.00815 GH/s
ProSC$2 268.00815 GH/s
MiniSC$831.603.83 TH/s
StarterSC$2 444.403.83 TH/s
AdvancedSC$4 788.003.83 TH/s
ProSC$9 072.003.83 TH/s

Monero plans and prices

MiniXMR$326.70220 KH/s
StarterXMR$960.30220 KH/s
AdvancedXMR$1 881.00220 KH/s
ProXMR$3 564.00220 KH/s
MiniXMR$386.10248 KH/s
StarterXMR$1 134.90248 KH/s
AdvancedXMR$2 223.00248 KH/s
ProXMR$4 212.00248 KH/s

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic plans and prices

MiniETH and ETC$207.9080 MH/s
StarterETH and ETC$611.1080 MH/s
AdvancedETH and ETC$1 197.0080 MH/s
ProETH and ETC$2 268.0080 MH/s
MiniETH and ETC$415.80180 MH/s
StarterETH and ETC$1 222.20180 MH/s
AdvancedETH and ETC$2 394.00180 MH/s
ProETH and ETC$4 536.00180 MH/s
MiniETH and ETC$504.90220 MH/s
StarterETH and ETC$1 484.10220 MH/s
AdvancedETH and ETC$2 907.00220 MH/s
ProETH and ETC$5 508.00220 MH/s

Zcash plans and prices

MiniZEC$237.601600 H/s
StarterZEC$698.401600 H/s
AdvancedZEC$1 368.001600 H/s
ProZEC$2 592.001600 H/s
MiniZEC$297.002400 H/s
StarterZEC$873.002400 H/s
AdvancedZEC$1 710.002400 H/s
ProZEC$3 240.002400 H/s
MiniZEC$415.803400 H/s
StarterZEC$1 222.203400 H/s
AdvancedZEC$2 394.003400 H/s
ProZEC$4 536.003400 H/s

When you rent some machine with MinerBooking you get not only it, but experience, knowledge and skills of the company.

You can rent machines not only for some long period, but for short one too. For example, severa months or 1 week. Company gives opprtunity for everyone to try cloud mining themself and it allows to get gain profit. If you are interested, just try it and register now, if not, no one force anyone to check service. Once per 24 hours your earned coins will be delivered to your account. You will have your own crypto wallet.

The point is, that MinerBooking is more about selling for the rent machines but not selling hashrate as pure cloud mining companies. This is the difference. You can understand it, when buying rent of equipment.  You don’t sign any contract with obligations and fees.

Service uses hardware from Bitmain and Bitfury. Also, one partners with AntPool.

MinerBooking custome plans

You can create your plan yourself, just use custome plan. You can do it on “pricing” page.

minerbooking custome plans

Restricted countries

Here the list of countries, which are restricted: Iran, Cuba, North Sudan, USA, Portugal, Syrian Arab Republic, Israel and Belgium.

MinerBooking Contacts

  • Phone: 44(203)808-8344
  • Email: support[@]
  • Adress: Bulgaria, Sofia 1142, Sredets Region, 9 Professor Fridtjof Nansen Street, floor #7

In social networks

  • – facebook
  • – twitter
  • – LinkedIn
  • – Instagram


Service strives to make cloud mining open to everyone. It is long-term investments that potentially can make profit for it’s users. Joining to the service you will find our more new about cloud mining and it’s technologies. If you already bought MinerBooking contract, share please your experience in the comments.

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