Mineunit (belongs to Capital “M” – group of crypto companies) – it is the automated miner which makes crypto mining easy for you. You need just plug device and it will start earning money immediately. Join the Mineunit Club and learn about mining today!


Mineunit wants to make changes in whole Blockchain system by providing simple mining opportunities to people all over the globe without tech skills or some prior knowledge. It is the platform and device: 2 in 1. Company was created in 2017.

  • Price start from $1299 for the Club Members!
  • Reservation fee: $49,95

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  • Just plug, start earning and track your results with app
  • Software determines the best cryptocurrency to mine and the exact moment and switch to one automatically, so your profit will be maximized
  • Cool unique design
  • You can easily get payouts in fiat to your Mineunit card
  • Also you become the member of Mineunit Club

All your earnings will be stored in a cold wallet, from one you can withdraw money to the bank account or spend money from Mine unit app.

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Mineunit Club

  • Being in the club you will get discount program with 50% OFF offer
  • You will have access to knowledge data base
  • You will be able to earn sharing information about the Club
  • Exclusive content from mining experts will be waiting for you

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Mineunit Social Networks

  • https://twitter.com/mineunit_social – Mineunit Twitter
  • https://t.me/mineunit_official – Mineunit Telegram
  • https://www.facebook.com/mineunit – Mineunit Facebook
  • https://www.instagram.com/mineunit – Mineunit Instagram
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