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OXBTC BTC-S17 Contract

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OXBTC BTC-S17 Contract – company releases 3-Year BTC contracts – the name of the contract is BTC – S17. It has higher profits and lower fee for the electricity.

OXBTC BTC-S17 Contract
OXBTC BTC-S17 Contract

OXBTC BTC-S17 Contract

This OXBTC contract runs Antminer 7nm S17 and it really has a high profit. The contract period is = 3 years! Electricity fee is 0,0765 USD / THS / Day (30% lower price as usual)

More information here: https://oxbtc.com/cloudhash/buy/hash_contractDetail/BTC-S17

BTC-S17 contracts have next advantages:

  1. Potentially high profits, cause it runs Antminer S17 7nm equipment – it has better performance and lower energy consumption.
  2. 3 Year contract period – it will make your earnings more stable and continuous
  3. Electricity fee is lower and saves for the customers near 30% of the electricity price and the maintenance fee will be much lower than other cloud mining services offer.

Contract Details

  • Contract price: 86,90 USD / THS
  • Electricity Fee: 0,0765 USD / THS / Day
  • Management Fee: 5%
  • Efficiency: 55W/T
  • Period: 3 years
  • Inventory: 5000 THS
  • Delivery Time: in 24 hours

OXBTC Releases 3-Year BTC ContractsAlso, due to insufficient number of reserves, contracts BTC-S15 will be sold after the launch of contracts S17. Customers who have S15 contracts will not be affected. Please pay attention to this. If we talk about OXBTC service, the company has been providing cloud mining services for more than 600,000 customers for 4 years! The best contracts, products and service in the cloud mining service.

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