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World Mining

World Mining  – is a reliable cloud mining service that offers various hash rates for rent to mine different cryptocurrencies. The Company is located in England, it guarantees client security, but it is important to understand that everything connected with digital currency and investments is a sort of risk. Worldmining has been mining crypto currency since 02.2017 and implements the equipment with the different rates starting from 67 PH/s using diverse algorithms like these: Scrypt, SHA-256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto.

World MiningWorld Mining

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  • World Mining offers 5+ hosts for rent with different types of hash rates
  • The income depends on the type of rate, income, work speed, time of usage, cryptocurrency exchange rate and so on.
  • Rent period is about 9-12 months, when the lease will be over, the calculation of interests will stop as well
  • Interests come daily, clients receive payments in USD to avoid volatility.

With World Mining you can:

  • Choose hash rate and equipment speed
  • Calculate approximate income figures through online World Mining calculator
  • World mining Trader experts and analysts are working on work productivity increase of every client
  • Service equipment is under the reliable control through the day to avoid any kind of failure, and they use the electric power from the hydro-electric power station, that gives an opportunity to offer clients more favorable prices for cloud mining.
  • They constantly buy new mining equipment and update the old one, as it is required by fierce competition, for instance: HashFlare, Genesis Mining, CCG Mining, AlienCloud and other cloud mining services who are actively struggling for their share at the world market.
  • Cryptocurrency mining is indeed not a simple matter. For that World Mining offers rent+ mining hosts, that helps the Company to gain a stable income, as all payments are fixed, and the clients potentially will get what they have invested including additional profit.

WorldMining Competitive advantages and peculiarities:

  • Constant increase of equipment efficiency
  • Daily webinars for different countries are carried out to tell more about mining earning opportunities with WorldMining.
  • To calculate the potential income you can use a special online calculator, but it is only an approximate process for a certain period of time.

How to start mining with World Mining

World Mining registration

  1. For that it is necessary  to star registration in World Mining: Everyone can sign up very quickly today indicating your personal e-mail to confirm the registration, but after it is highly recommended to implement two-factor authentication
  2. In the dashboard you can observe and evaluate the prices for cloud mining World mining: Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin cryptocurrencies.
  3. Select the contract you are interested in after the registration and buy it with hash rate you like the most beginning to earn your first coins (if you don’t have any Bitcoin wallet, it is the right time to use the one, the most popular and reliable today is, for instance,  Cryptopay

buy hash rate World mining

World Mining equipment

  • Solar 16 nm, Neptune 20 nm, Spondoolies-Tech SP50
  • Bitmain Antminer S9, AntMiner S7, AntMiner S5, Antminer S3, AntMiner R4, C3SS5 (Smart Heat) Spondoolies-Tech SP35 for SHA- 256 algorythm.
  • MINER TITAN for SCRYPT algorythm.
  • iBeLink DM384M for X11 algotythm.
  • Last arrivals: MinerSpondoolies-Tech SP500, Avalon 6, AntMiner S9 16.7 chips from Bitfury and Bitmain

World Mining Company has its own equipment and hashes for rent.

Mining of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency goes steadily and without breaks even if to take into account some mining difficulties. Bellow you can find World Mining servers and their review:

Server S1 100-13500 Gh/sworld mining antminer s5

  • General capacity: from 100 to 13500 Gh/s.
  • Price: 1 Gh/s: $0.15
  • Payment days: Mon, Thursd;
  • Interests: dail
  • Income is influenced with: the chosen algorithm, network problems for a certain period of time, electric power expenditures, cooling, technical service, cryptocurrency  exchange rate and so on.
  • Server rent price: from $15 to $2025

Server S2 1000-50000 Gh/s


  • General capacity: from 1000 to 50000 Gh/s
  • Price: 1 Gh/s: $0.15
  • Payment days: Mon, Thursd;
  • Interests: every day
  • Server rent price: from $150 to $7500
  • Server S3 6000-100000 Gh/s

world mining antminer s7

  • General Capacity: from 6000 to 100000 Gh/s
  • Price: 1 Gh/s: $0.15
  • Payment days: Mon, Thursd;
  • Server rent price: from $900 to $15000

Server S4 30000-1000000 Gh/s

world mining antminer R4

  • General capacity: from 30000 to 1000000 Gh/s
  • Price: 1 Gh/s: $0.15
  • Payment days: Mon, Thursd;
  • Server rent price: from $4500 to $150000

Server S5 200000-2000000 Gh/s

world mining antminer s9

  • General capacity: from 200000 to 2000000 Gh/s
  • Price: 1 Gh/s: $0.15
  • Payment days: Mon, Thursd;
  • Server rent price: from $30000 to $300000

Buying hash and how it works with World Mining

Bitcoin – is a “gold” of our digital epoch, just like a direct analogue. The transaction mechanism in the blockchain is ideal, as it is considered to be impossible to fake it. You can check where and where from the money comes, but anonymously. Each block has the information about the previous one, that allows to track everything manually. The checking process of block hash may take several seconds.

  • Miners – those who generate the blocks, after that the block information will be closed bringing coins to the miners. Mining is carried out only with the help of powerful video cards or  Asics.  In order to mine it is necessary to have a crypto wallet.
  • Mining – is a process of bitcoin production or any other cryptocurrency through  the solution of supersophisticated computing tasks.
  • Mining expenditures – buying of asics, electricity, the Internet, time, rent, other things. Cost covery will come in 4-7 months, but everything depends on the equipment quality, hash rates, cryptocurrency type for mining, pool kinds and so on.

World mining feedbacksAdditional information on WorldMining

  • One renter can create only one account, in case of having several accounts, the admin will quickly detect it and they all can be deleted and money annulled.
  • Minimal rent capacity: 100.0 Gh/s = $15.
  • Maximum rent capacity: 3333333 Gh/s = $300000.
  • Minimal sum for withdraw : $5.
  • Sometimes the managing staff may ask you to provide document copies to proof the identity through e-mail.
  • Payout days: Mn, Thursd, but these days can be changed as well, if it happens, all clients will be immediately informed.
  • The applications delivered to the support department can be processed till 24 hours, sometimes even longer, but generally it takes even less time.
  • Payout are in USD, as the exchange rate is usually clear and steady, that at the same time gives an opportunity to provide quick and stable payouts to the clients.
  • World Mining has its own trading team who deal with cryptocurrency and manage to earn with it additionally.

World mining rent serverBounties they offer for users


Clients of can usually have more other beneficial opportunities to make their life better. Except the accumulated interests from mining, it becomes possible to receive some money while participating in a specially designed competition of free videos that started at the beginning of this year and continue today.

  • Make a repost and receive $10 – repost the records to get something about $10, it can be any of your favorite social media platforms. Then you will discover additional money on your account.
  • Get Free 30GH/s – after the subscription to different notifications on your computer, you automatically can get free 30GH/s. The users of iPhone will not be able to do it, that is why it is better to subscribe with your PC.

World Mining contact information

World Mining testimonials

Feedbacks and testimonials on World Mining appear every day in the Internet. This service becomes very popular among active miners and cryptocurrency users. To tell the truth, the biggest part of the World Mining testimonials are really great and interesting to read. Let’s have a look at some of them from different resources:

World Mining testimonialfeedback for world miningDo you know something more about World Mining, please share your thoughts in comments 😉

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