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Cloud Mining recently has gained increasing trending popularity for today, cause investments in this area are considered to be one of the most reasonable for savings in the crypto-currency, but in some way risky too. More and more people are starting to mine crypto currencies everyday, striving to increase their assets.


Cloud Mining

  • 1 year contract Payouts:
  • BTC, ZEC, LTC, ETH, DASH DASH for today isn't in stock
  • Prices: $2,20-$22000
  • Maintenance fee: Scrypt: 0.005 $ / 1 MH/s / 24h; SHA-256: 0.0035 $ / 10 GH/s / 24h; ETH/ZEC/DASH: None
Genesis Mining

Cloud Mining

  • 1 year contract Everyday
  • BTC & Altcoins
  • Prices: $28-$7200
  • Maintenance fee: BTC: USD 0.00028 per GH/s per day. Be aware that the fee is fixed in USD, but deducted from the daily payouts in BTC. DASH, ETC, ZEC, ETH, Monero: None

Cloud Mining

  • 1 year contract Everyday
  • BTC & Altcoins
  • Prices: $3549-$159000
  • Maintenance fee: need to ask support according your hash power package

Cloud Mining

  • 1 year contract Everyday
  • BTC, ETH, Altcoins
  • Prices: $5-$10000
  • Maintenance fee: 0.001$-0.005$/1MH/s /24h

cloud miningSuch services, like: HashFlare, Genesis Mining, CCG Mining, EOBOT, NiceHash, HashNest, Minergate, Hashing24, IQMining, etc are in great demand.  For sure, there are a lot of other cloud mining services, but these are the most popular and reliable for today.

Each service has it’s own opportunities, contract prices, terms, history, service level, transparancy, profitability etc.

For people, cloud mining is like silver bullet, cause you don’t need think about where to buy equipment and what modification it has to be, about the place where you shoud place it for mining, about electricity and one expences, etc. So, cloud mining solve at once many problems for the miners and start earning money from the 1st minutes of work, for example, with HashFlare, CCG Mining or other service.

Best price for SHA-256

Superior price for Limited SHA-256 with the automatic payout in BTC! Maintenance fee: 0.0035 $ / 10 GH/s / 24h. More Less

How to start work with cloud mining services:

  1. You need to register in one of the cloud mining service you’d like. For today we recommend: Hashflare, it is one of the best reliable cloud mining services in the World; CCG Mining – new cool cloud mining service with really cool contract prices (from day to day it becomes more popular cause of one’s prices and profitability); Genesis Mining – old and very reliable cloud mining service but with enough high contract prices, if it will be ok for you, buy hash power right now; IQ Mining – new service for BTC & ETH cloud mining, they have hash power just check prices.
  2. Buy hash power capacity you need: choose cryptocurrency you want to mine, usually cloud mining services can mine next coins: BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC, DASH. Mining contracts for these 5 coins are usually available. Also, you need to know that most services sold out their contracts, cause of high demand. For example with HashFlare, you can choose not only capacity of hash power and coins you want to mine, but mining pools, so your mining was max. efficient.
  3. Accumulate your earned crypto-currency on your account: every day in your dashboard you can view the balance, where you will see all reports. Also, cloud mining services has one cool option, you can reinvest earned coins and purchase additional capacitiy of hash power, which will increase your turnover. Also, you can simply accumulate the crypto currency and enjoy the results withdrawing one on your BTC or other wallet.
  4. Withdraw money: if you have already earned interesting sum, for example: $1000+ you can withdraw one to you Bitcoin wallet – one of the best is Cryptopay
  5. Change your coins on on fiat money or start trading with eToro and earn more

hashflare cloud miningHashFlare Cloud Mining

Hashflare is one of the best cloud mining service we know and it is for a division of the well-known company HashCoins, the manufacturer of ASIC equipment for mining. Used to run a device of its own production. HashFlare has really lot of advantages: price for the contracts, great reputation, cool service usability, quick support, etc.

Scrypt Miner Best Prices

Superior price for exclusive SCRYPT miner with the automatic payout in BTC! Maintenance fee: 0.005 $ / 1 MH/s / 24h. More Less
  • The service has real data centers with own production miners in Estonia.
  • You can mine coins for: Zcash, DASH, Etherium, Bitcoin, Litecoin.
  • Want to know about HashFlare, click on one page, if you want to buy contract and see prices, please visit official site:

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining cloud miningGenesis Mining – cloud mining service was founded in late 2013 and is based on a variety of algorithms. Now there is a promotional code for a 3% discount – you can ask one in Genesis Mining Support. It is the main competitor of HashFlare and one platform is also very popular among miners, so if you want to compare them, register in the system and try it’s cloud mining on practice, pursching one of the hashrate contracts.

  • Cost – at the moment: BTC 35.8$ for 200 GH / s (perpetually); ETH $ 29.99 per 1 MH / s (2 years).
  • Reliability of service – the service has been working for a long time and has a large number of customers.
  • Real power – the service has real data centers in Iceland.
  • Convenience – the service has realy good interface

CCG Mining

CCG mining review cloud mining service CCG Mining is cloud mining service. Company was created in 2016. Service offers to their customers one of the highest hashrate. CCG offers several products:

  • Demo Product = $75,00 (200 GH/s open-ended contract)
  • Rocket Hashrate Contract = $3615,00 for 10 TH/s
  • Custom Opem-Ended Plan = $375,00 for 1 TH/s

If you want to know more about CCG Mining, please read here or visit official website:

What is Cloud Mining

If to be short, cloud mining is a simplified mining of Bitcoin or other crypto-currency when user or company rent or buy hashpower with a help of special contracts.

Cloud mining is very suitable for those who:

  • Weakly technically understand all the nuances of mining
  • have not space for equipment
  • have very expensive electricity, then cloud mining will be even more interesting for you
  • want to test and understand what it is and how to live with it further)

Cloud mining types:

  • Hosting: is when a miner rents equipment to a particular vendor
  • Virtual hosting: is renting a server and installing own software on it for mining
  • Rental capacity: when the miner has no access to the server, he/she just choose needed options in the dashboard and further only check reports

what is cloud miningPros and Cons of Cloud Mining

Classic MiningCloud Mining
Advantages:You control all the processes connected with your equipment

You can earn more, but from day to day your equipment should become better, so one was competitive

In better way, you can choose only coin you want to mine,  hashpower you need, scrypt and mining pools you want to choose and how you need to withdraw your money
  • You need to pay for electricity yourself
  • You need to know how to work with equipment, control it’s work 24/7
  • Your own mining farms demand place where equipment could work constantly, etc
  • Equipment becomes our of date
electricity price and all other moments are already in contract price, so relax andsee your earnings everyday in dashboard of cloud mining service

electricity costs, constant 24/7 control, software and other expenses that are associated with off-line mining.

Cloud mining as the service is provided with ASICs – it is special equipment for it. And is cloud mining profitable – is the main question or every miner, cause today, for example, Bitcoin exchange rate is $9000, tomorrow $10000 or $8000, no one know how it will be.

The profitability of cloud mining is determined by:

  • coin’s market price
  • quantity of mined coins
  • contract period and it’s price
  • how you can withdraw your investments: in BTC, ETH… or Fiat money
  • new technologies influence also to the price, cause in future mining farms will be optimized and take less electricity for mining

How to use HashFlare promo codes

hashflare start miningIf you are looking for some discounts to buy services of HashFlare cloud mining, use promo code and find more info below. For usuing promo code you need to do next steps:

  1. Login or Register in – you need obviously confirm last with email;
  2. After you should go to your profile, whish will be situated at the right top of your screen;
  3. To start mining you need purchase at least one hashrate, but it is better to buy at least two contracts, for example, the 1st one for Bitcoin mining
  4. If you don’t have hashrate, than you need to buy: SHA-256, X11, Scrypt, EQUIHASH or ETHASH one
  5. Choose the type and amount of hashrate you want to buy and click “Proceed”
  6. Select the payment method for purchasing hashrate and confirm one
  7. Than you should go to menu item “Voucher”, it is on the left sidebar of your account and enter your promo code, than click “Redeem”.

HashFlare 5% Redeem Code

Partner's redeem code for 5% instant discount for any BTC, ETH or other mining hash package! More Less

Expired on: 12/31/2017

Previous promo codes for HashFlare

We also offer all prior promo codes which were valid during previous months. We think that they can somehow be valid, notwithstanding the fact that official promo codes` validity has already expired. Some of them do still work.

For instance, you can try to use such old codes and promo as:

  • Coupon code: 10% discount on any HashFlare mining contract: you can ask one in HashFlare support
  • 10 GHS for $1,5 till the 10th of January 2018, go to the
  • 10% commission for attracting new customers, it is free for HashFlare web site, no code needed
10% off

10% Halloween discount code

Expires on:
Halloween redeem code for 10% discounts for ALL contracts. Instant discount on any BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and ZEC or other mining hash package! More Less

So, on we are gathering best coupons, deals which everyone can use for making one’s profit better, Usually, the best discounts are on Cyber Monday and Black Friday Days.



So, you shoud know that & turned into the best cloud mining services for Bitcoin, ZCASH, Ethereum, Sash, Litecoin.

If you have not tried mining before, then it’s time, for this you do not need to buy equipment, rent, pay for electricity, buy space for computers, monitor the work of PCs, etc. Cloud mining allows you to save time and money, and for to start, you need only to go through only 3 steps:

HashFlare 3 steps start mining

  1. register in both services: HashFlare ot Genesis Mining, just to compare both and choose one you’d like mor;
  2. choose appropriate contract: with capacities, period of time, cryptocurrency you want to mine
  3. make payments for equipment capacity: you can do it with USD, EUR, etc or cryptocurrency
  4. enter your promo code in the item “Voucher” and confirm.

If you hasitate, just use tips lower to chose cloud mining service is better for you!

What are the requirements for an ideal service?

Pay attention in cloud mining for next:

  • Low cost – the cost of purchasing capacity is very important, since it strongly affects the rate of return on investment.
  • Reliability of service – the most important requirement for the service. There are many fictitious services that disappear with your money.
  • Real Equipment – the service can provide a guarantee of payment of money only if it has its own equipment for mining.
  • Convenience – various additional options that increase profits and increase the ease of use of the service.

How does cloud mining work?

  • Step 1: Register in the serviceYou register an account in the selected cloud-mining service and get to your personal cabinet.
  • Step 2: Purchase of capacitiesYou buy a certain number of capacities for a regular currency or a crypto currency. Purchased power begins to make a profit immediately.
  • Step 3: Accumulation – Every day, a crypto currency is credited to your balance sheet. You can reinvest it by investing in the purchase of additional capacity, or simply to accumulate.
  • Step 4: Withdraw Funds – When a certain amount accumulates in the account, you can withdraw it to your crypto-purse.
  • Step 5: Exchange for Money – You exchange the derived crypto currency for real money through one of the exchange offices.

Estimation of profitability

To estimate the profit from investing in cloud-based mining, we will calculate how much we can get for 1 year with the initial investment of $1000. The assessment will be conducted for the two most popular currencies at the moment: Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Cost of capacity
Maintenance fee
Acquired capacity
Profit per year*


For 10 GH/s


For 10 GH/s

6667 GH/s
1.02 mBTC
0.37 BTC


For 200 GH/s


For 1 GH/s

5587 GH/s
0.90 mBTC
0.33 BTC

* The approximate calculation of income as of December 2017 is shown without taking into account the increase in complexity.
** The profit is based on the current exchange rate of Bitcoin, without taking into account its growth.
*** At the moment, the sale of Bitcoin’s capacities has been suspended due to the expansion.


Cost of capacity
Maintenance fee
Acquired capacity
Profit per year*


За 100 KH/s

45 MH/s
7,43 MH/s
8.59 mETH
3.14 ETH


За 1 MH/s

33 MH/s
33 MH/s
6.3 mETH
2.3 ETH

* The approximate calculation of income of December 2017 is shown without taking into account the increase in complexity.
** The profit is based on the current Ethereum rate, without taking into account its growth.
*** At the moment, the sale of Ethereum’s capacity has been suspended due to the expansion.

Please be aware that some info, promo codes can be our of date or broken! All info please check on official web site  of the services.

Reviews about cloud mining service

Reviews about the services were taken from open, reliable sources.

  • Computing power is provided for a period of 1 year. The HashFlare team predicts profitability even in view of the increasing complexity of the production of crypto currency. Another great thing in HashFlare, it’s reinvestment, when the money earned can be immediately put into circulation, it is very well thought out
  • HashFlare pays constantly for a very long time, which makes this cloud-mining service not replace for miners. Investments paid off already with interest, for which many thanks)
  • Genesis Mining is very good, especially their support works very well, Sun clearly. Altkoins are the most profitable, I highly recommend to try this service.
  • Genesis is very cool and pricey. If you try, you can find a discount or a promo code even. By the way, it is very convenient to analyze expenses and incomes.


  • What is the benefit to the services themselves? – One of the most common questions: “What is the benefit to the services themselves to provide capacity for mining, if you can mine them yourself?”. The point is that the time of return of investment in mining is about 8-12 months. By selling the same part of capacity, services can significantly reduce the time of return of investment for themselves and constantly purchase new capacities.
  • Is it possible to trust such services? – Of the hundreds of cloud-based services, three were chosen, which really inspire confidence, primarily due to the availability of their own data centers with mining equipment.
  • Why is cloud mining better than usual? – In the case of buying ordinary miners, a number of problems must be solved: 1. Accommodation. Miners are quite noisy devices and placing them in living quarters will bring a number of inconveniences. 2. Cooling. In connection with the round-the-clock work, the miners need a good cooling, due to which the service life is extended. 3. Nutrition. One mining farm consumes about 1.4 kWh, which requires a high quality wiring in the room. When installing more than 3 miners, the question arises of carrying out a separate line, since standard household lines are not designed for a power higher than 4-6 kW. 4. Maintenance. Miners periodically hang, they need to be tuned to the maximum speed and give them a certain amount of time. 5. Breakage. Most of the mining farms are not covered by the guarantee, therefore, the breakdown of the farm may lead to collapse. Cloud mining deprives you of all these inconveniences.
  • How to get your money?You can deduce the received profit on a purse of one of криптовалют, and then to change on a stock exchange on real currency.
  • What equipment does the services use? – Often used special devices for mining – ASIC. In addition to them, for mining altcoyinov, usually set miners on the basis of video cards.

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