Cloud Mining in 2019

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Best Cloud Mining Services

Hashflare and Genesis Mining services are known as the most reliable in the world. They have the highest trust among people from different countries. These and other cloud mining services provide people with opportunity to mine without deep knowledge about Blockchain, mining, etc. Such services are simple in use and are focused for people who are looking the earnings in long-term periods, at least 1 year. They all have different opportunities, hashing capabilities, terms, approaches.

Cloud Mining in 2019

Cloud Mining became popular in 2009. Bitcoin appeared and its mining became possible. Today there are really a lot of cryptocurrencies. Also, the mining process became enough complicated, but nevertherless to it, you can rent the data-centers, mining equipment and earn with cloud mining services like Hashflare, Genesis Mining, Nuvoo Mining, CCG Mining, Hashing24, etc.

So, you can use servers, hash power which belong to other companies for extracting cryptocurrencies online. No need to keep mining equipment at home, hardware is available remotely, but the equipment processing is maintained by the company.

Cloud Mining in 2019 with HashFlare

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What is Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is the way of remuneration. It has a form of cryptocurrencies via processing exact math. operations on your mining equipment/computer. More your mining equipment manages to process hashrate (unit of time), the higher your remuneration score is. Of cause, the performance of the hardware is very important, especially in 2019, cause after 10 years of existing “cloud mining” algorithms cryptocurrency mining became really difficult.

Cloud Mining VC Traditional Mining

You can use cloud mining services or traditional cryptocurrency approach. Maybe, in the beginning of cloud mining era it was ok to keep mining equipment at home and use computer or other equipment for mining. Today, processes are much more energy-consuming, complex, so you need really optimized equipment with high score hashrate in order you had possibility to be competitive.

For cloud mining you need to own equipment, rent one for the exact monthly fee. So, in long term way it can be much more profitable then traditional mining, which you need to learn how to service and keep efficient. You don’t need waste money on the expensive equipment which become out dated with the time. No need to pay for electricity, no noise, cooling equipent, etc.

Traditional mining needs more attention, deeper knowledge so you could work with one. Cloud mining is more like user-friendly service for people who are not ready to buy equipment and test traditional mining but want to try and earn with it. Cloud mining income is very eaten by the companies fee, which the user should pay each month, but it never faces the problem with the unprofitable equipment which one needs to sold with the time and buy new.

How to Start Cloud Mining

Well, to start cloud mining you need just your time, desire and money to buy the contract you need for cryptocurrency mining. It is much more simplified compared with traditional mining. Just choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine, the choose the best cloud mining service for today: reliable with a long history, with interesting contracts and pricing, with not very high maintenance fee, etc. Also, you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet, where you can gather your mined coins.

Be aware and stay aware from SCAM cloud mining services. Use only reliable, so you could stay calm, understanding you will not lose your money rapidly without explanations, etc.

How identify SCAM services – read it now.

When you want to start mining the cryptocurrencies, keep on next several important factors:

  • what is exchange rate
  • what is the price of equipment and what will be monthly payments
  • in 12 months you should start earning, calculate the date of one
  • impossible to predict exchange rate, so you must have several plans: B, C, D, E, etc
  • you can start mining different cryptocurrencies: DASH, ETH, LTC, ZEC, Monero, BCH, DogeCoin, etc., not only Bitcoin (BTC)


Before you start and buy your first contract, prepare please to it. Read about cloud mining, look through terms of TOP cloud mining companies like Hashflare, Genesis Mining, Hashing24, etc. Check different recommendations in forums, social networks, websites.

Short check list to start:

  1. Create the crypto wallet you need so you could receive monthly payments on it from the mining service
  2. Calculate both: your risks and possible income from the investments
  3. Read terms very careful, so you could choose the best smart contracts

Cloud Mining in 2019 stay one of the most interesting niches. It changes quickly, there are thousands events, read only important, in order you could earn and win some new opportunities, coins, etc.

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