Cloud Mining Genesis-Mining

Cloud Mining Genesis-Miningis the service for cloud mining Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The company was established in 2013 and since then Genesis Mining has gradually expanded.  The service provides rental capacities for the mining of crypto-currencies, and one is located in Iceland.

Start mining today with Genesis Mining: the mining rigs are already set up, set up only your account, buy contracts and get your first coins!

Cloud Mining Genesis MiningCloud Mining Genesis-Mining

Genesis Mining is considered to be one of the strongest companies in the cryptocurrency cloud mining. The competition is made by such giants as: HashFlare, Kraken, BitFury, etc. Until 2014, the capacity of data centers Genesis Mining was lacking and investors could not be attracted. So they bought equipment with reduced prices, the company does not produce it. But it is still considered one of the most reliable cloud-mining services in the world. And this has just become one of the reasons for investment.

Cloud Mining Genesis-MiningTo earn on cloud mining today with Genesis Mining you need:

  • To create an individual mining plan after online registration, but sometimes capacity is not enough, so just monitor all prices on, there you can see all contracts for: Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero.
Blaine – classic Dynamo – best one Houdini – max. profit Individual plan
$830 $2460 $7200 $0
1000 H/s 3000 H/s 9000 H/s 0 H/s
2 years 2 years 2 years Individual contract
no commissions no commissions no commissions

genesis mining features

Genesis Mining competitive advantages and features

  • you do not need to install noisy equipment at home / garage / office / apartment: already all the necessary equipment, really, have Genesis Mining, you only need to register on the site, choose the right capacity / sign a contract / pay for services and start the mine today
  • with Genesis Mining you can mine next cryptocurrencies: BTC, ZEC, DASH, ETH, Monero, etc
  • user receives the payments every day for their investments, therefore cloud mining with Genesis Mining is considered to be one of the best solutions to get their first bitcoins or altcoins
  • also, this is a much more efficient way for investments, because you can earn a lot more times and the growth of the cryptocurrencies’s value is greatly facilitated by this
  • this is the easiest method of mining: invest in better equipment and start earning today, without collecting noisy installations at home or somewhere else
  • bitcoin mining require powerful equipment, which is just in the data centers of Genesis Mining
  • altcoin mining on the Scrypt algorithm = no problem: Dogecoin, Litecoin and other cryptcurrency can be obtained
  • you can pay for services through VISA & MasterCard credit cards

Why Genesis Mining?

  • The best manufacturers provide equipment with a sufficiently large scale, which allows Genesis Mining to offer competitive prices for cloud mining
  • The company uses a number of farms in different countries, where the minimum prices for energy. This allows Genesis Mining to offer one’s users better prices
  • Genesis Mining allows you to mine coins with a minimum of costs for the process of cloud mining, if you do not believe it, try: register on the site, buy a contract and check everything in practice, and then you already think, mine yourself or with Genesis Mining 😉

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Genesis Mining Contacts

  • Official web site:
  • Company name: Genesis Mining Ltd.
  • Address: Chinachem Century Tower, 31 / F 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai Hong Kong
  • Representation: Genesis Mining Iceland ehf.
  • Address: Registered address: Borgartuni 27 105 Reykjavik Iceland

Genesis Mining reviews

  • If you have already used the cloud mining service Genesis Mining, please share feedback: what did you like and what don’t: will you continue to mine further with the service, etc?
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