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Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining – start BTC cloud mining today and right now! Genesis Mining – is the cloud mining service which was launched in 2013 by Marco Streng. It is leading hash power provider and some of TOP company’s data centers are located in the Iceland and Sweden.

So, already 2M people joined Genesis Mining. With it, you can get exclusive discounts, the 1st access to the company’s services and just more information about the cloud mining.

Official website – join now:

Cloud Mining Genesis MiningGenesis Mining Advantages and Prices

  • Genesis Mining is considered to be one of the strongest companies in the cryptocurrency cloud mining
  • The best hardware for mining is already running for you, so you left just register and buy hash power
  • You can easily mine multiple crypto currencies with Genesis Mining, for example, BTC, ZEC, DASH, ETH etc
  • Customers can reeive payouts every day and see statistics in the real-time
  • You can pay for Genesis Mining service through VISA & MasterCard credit or debit cards easily
  • The best manufacturers provide equipment with a sufficiently large scale, which allows Genesis Mining to offer competitive prices for cloud mining
  • The company uses a number of farms in different countries, where the minimum prices for energy. This allows Genesis Mining to offer one’s users better prices
  • Genesis Mining allows you to mine coins with a minimum of costs for the process of cloud mining, if you do not believe it, try: register on the website, buy a contract and check everything in practice, and then you already think, mine yourself or with Genesis Mining 😉

Cloud Mining Genesis-Mining
Bitcoin Mining Contracts

Genesis Mining contracts we can divide for 2 and 5 years period. Maintaince fees apply.

Genesis Mining 5 year contracts:

Gold - StarterBTC (SHA-256)$255.601 TH/s
Platinum - Best BuyBTC (SHA-256)$1 250.005 TH/s
Diamond - ProfessionalBTC (SHA-256)$6 125.0025 TH/s
Custom plan - Create your planBTC (SHA-256)$0.000 TH/s

Genesis Mining 2 year contracts:

Gold - StarterBTC (SHA-256)$50.001 TH/s
Platinum - Best BuyBTC (SHA-256)$250.005 TH/s
Diamond - ProfessionalBTC (SHA-256)$1 250.0025 TH/s
Custom plan - Create your planBTC (SHA-256)$0.000 TH/s

Your results very depends on mining difficulty, BTC vc USD exchange rates, maintaince fees (electricity, rent payment, development, another costs). Two of three options no one can’t control, so you can’t predict what will be tomorrow. But Genesis Mining do all the best, so ones data centers were the most efficient. Maintaince fee is: 0,14 per TH/s per day.

DASH mining contracts

Gemini - StarterDASH (x11)$76.503000 MH/s
Ferox - Best BuyDASH (x11)$742.5030000 MH/s
Graviton - ProfessionalDASH (x11)$7 200.00300000 MH/s
Custom plan - Create your planDASH (x11)$0.000 MH/s

Contracts period: 2 years. Maintenance Fees apply: $0,000022 per MH/s per day. X11 algorithm is used to mine DASH and Digital Cash. It offers private and instant payments online with the help of secured open-sourced platform.

Ethereum mining contracts

Small - StarterETH$525.0025 MH/s
Medium - Best BuyETH$1 500.0075 MH/s
Large - ProfessionalETH$6 650.00350 MH/s
Custom plan - Create your planETH$0.000 MH/s

Contracts period: 2 years. Maintenance Fees apply: $0,004 per MH/s per day. Ethash Mining Algorithm.Ethereum is decentralized plaform. It works with smart contracts, so you can’t change anything when it is already programmed.

Litecoin mining contracts

Litecoin contracts are out of stock. Prices were from $28 – $2400 or custome mining plan. Contracts period: 2 years. No maintaince fee. Litecoin mining is enough popular. Litecoin was created by former engineer from Google. Very fast and efficient. It is very good for day-to-day transactions. Algorithm: Scrypt. You can mine it only with ASIC hardware.

Monero mining contracts

Monero (XMR) contracts are our of stock. Prices were from $830-$7200 or personal custome plan. Contracts in Genesis Mining were for 2-years period. Without maintaince fee. Monero was built to focus on users choice: scalability, privacy, decentralization. Algorithm: CryptoNightV8.

Zcash mining contracts

Zcash (ZEC) contracts are out of stock. Prices were from $530 – $7650 per plan or you could order custome plan. Waiting new updates from Genesis Mining 🙂 Just short note: Zcash is the financial zero-knowledge security system. It is mined with Equihash algorithm. Contract time was for 2 years without maintaince fee for the whole period of the contract.

To earn on cloud mining today with Genesis Mining you need: To create an individual mining plan after online registration, but sometimes capacity is not enough, so just monitor all prices on, there you can see all contracts for: Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero.

genesis mining featuresGenesisMining Contacts

  • Official web site:
  • Company name: Genesis Mining Ltd.
  • Address: Chinachem Century Tower, 31 / F 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai Hong Kong
  • Representation: Genesis Mining Iceland ehf.
  • Address: Registered address: Borgartuni 27 105 Reykjavik Iceland

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Genesis Cloud Mining

Genesis Mining Testimonials

  • If you have already used the cloud mining service GenesisMining, please share feedback: what did you like and what don’t: will you continue to mine further with the service, etc?

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