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HashFlare (go to the website) – allows you to mine online cryptocurrencies without buying equipment and special technical knowledge, but through the purschase of hashing power.

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You can start even from small investments: $1000-$2000 and this is ok. If you will need to upgrade your plan and get more hashing capacities, you can easily buy it with a new contract for cloud mining anytime. So, HashFlare makes cloud mining process super accessible to any user. You do not need to buy expensive equipment and know lot about mining and all detailes. Spend time for control and tuning soft. It is enough only choose the right power capacity for hashing online BTC, ETH, ZEC or other cryptocurrency and start getting new incomes everyday.

Cloud Mining HashFlare


Cloud Mining

  • 1 year contract Payouts:
  • BTC, ZEC, LTC, ETH, DASH DASH for today isn't in stock
  • Prices: $2,20-$22000
  • Maintenance fee: Scrypt: 0.005 $ / 1 MH/s / 24h; SHA-256: 0.0035 $ / 10 GH/s / 24h; ETH/ZEC/DASH: None
CCG Mining

Cloud Mining

  • 1 year contract Everyday
  • BTC & Altcoins
  • Prices: $3549-$159000
  • Maintenance fee: need to ask support according your hash power package

Hashflare review: what do you need to know

  1. Hashflare advantages
  2. How everything works and what do you need for start
  3. Hashflare contracts and prices
  4. Profit calculator
  5. What mining pools Hashflare uses
  6. Hashflare promo codes
  7. About company
  8. Is Hashflare the SCAM?
  9. Hashflare refferal program
  10. Social networks and contacts
  11. Testimonials of the service: more information = better

HashFlare advantages and opportunities

With the help of HashFlare, as you already understood, you can earn many different coins: from the Etherium, Zcash to the main one Bitcoins.

  • Quick start: you can buy your first cloud mining contract in 5-15 minutes and the first accruals will be within 24 hours (you can replenish the account either with Bitcoin wallet, Webmoney, Credit Card, etc)
  • Enough high income with detailed statistics: ROI period near of 6-12 months and further you’ll get net income
  • Quick withdrawal of funds: choose the desired amount and output in a moment (commission: 0.00003 BTC) to your bitcoin wallet
  • Clear statistics 24/7: you understand what is happening from your personal account
  • Distribution of hash power: allows you to organize a profitable bundle
  • Fixed commission: no hidden commissions, all balance’s changes are fixed
  • Own data-centers: with modern high-efficient cloud mining equipment
  • Competitive prices for the cloud mining: you can test the service even buying contracts with prices: $100/$500/$1000+, it can be higher some where, than another cloud mining services offer, but don’t forget about authority and reliability of the HashFlare Company.
  • Also, company provides different promotional codes like the above mentioned
  • 24/7 support: great constant support, but with over high service popularity, Support Team can reply your ticket only in 1-4 days, depending the priority of one
  • Reinvestment of profit: function allows you to increase the turnover of your earnings, buy increasing hashing capacities
  • They have their own HashFlare referral program

The grate advantage of the HashFlare Company that HashCoins is the manufacturer equipment for the cloud mining, so HashFlare has enough hashrate power to offer one’s customers. Besides, it is high-quality equipment with optimal prices for cloud mining contracts. So, for today, with different forecasts, there is still enough time to get a ROI worthy of investments.

How to start mining with Hashflare

Cloud Mining HashFlare registration

  1. You need to start with registration in HashFlare: registration is quite simple with a standart e-mail form of confirmation, but after we highly recomment to activate two-factor authentication
  2. In the dashboard you will see prices for cloud mining Hashflare: Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin cryptocurrencies (if we speak about Bitcoin cloud mining (BTC), there are two algorithms: SHA-256 & Scrypt, by the way, some people say, that 2nd one is more efficient)
  3. After choose please the contract with hashing mining power you need and buy it, starting to earn your first coins (if you don’t have Bitcoin wallet, you can pay attention for Cryptopay – it is well known and high-level sequired wallet and card)

Hashflare contracts and prices

ContractsAlgorithmMin. HashrateMaint. fee:PricePayoutAvailablePeriodHardware:Order
ScryptScrypt1 MH/s0.005$/24h$7.50BTCIn Stock1 yearSCRYPTBuy Now
SHA-256SHA-25610 GH/s0.0035$/24$2.20BTCLimited stock1 yearSHA-256Buy Now
EthereumEthash100 KH/sNone$2.20ETHIn Stock1 yearGPU RigsBuy Now
ZCashEquihash1 H/sNone$2.00ZECIn Stock1 yearGPU RigsBuy Now
DASHx11 1 MH/sNone$3.20DASHOut of stock1 yeartestBuy Now

Cloud Mining HashFlare contracts buyOther prices for the Ethereum, Zcash, DASH contracts you can see on the original HashFlare web site.

Profit calculator

You can use calculator to count approximate earnings with Hashflare cloud mining.  BTC, ETH, LTC, Zcash – choose currency you are interested in for mining, sum of ivnestment, contract period and click “Start Mining“.

hashflare btc cloud mining

Hashflare mining pools

Service has several mining pools, all detailes read here: https://cloudminingblog.com/hashflare-mining-pools

Hashflare promo codes

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Use promo code now and try to get discount up to 25% off. It is limited by quantity, so hurry up! More Less
25% OFF
Doesn't expire

Additional information about HashFlare:

  • The capacities of SHA-256, X11, Etherhash, Scrypt can be bought for a one year and with the possibility of increasing the hashrate, when you need one under contract
  • If you buy the hashing power on Scrypt, then you get Litecoins and one after will automatically change to Bitcoin and the revenue itself will be already yours in BTC
  • You choose how many pools and which ones you can work with
  • Reinvesting allows you to earn even more, conveniently increasing your capacity
  • When you register, you can analyze the profitability of your investments in the purchase of capacities

Is Hashflare the SCAM?

This question need separate in article, but here we can reply this answer shortly here:

HashFlare refferal program:

You can become the partner joining Hashflare partners program:

  • Earn 10% commission – % from each sale you attract
  • Loyality program – individual conditions for top partners
  • Short hold, quick withdraws in WMZ or BTC on your wallet
  • You will have all needed analytics in the dashboard
  • If you need promotional materials = no problem)
  • Constant support
  • High % of sales, near 1:4 users buy some hash power
  • Reliability – mining since 2013

HashFlare partners (refferal) program

HashFlare contacts:

HashFlare testimonials:

  • If you have had opportunity to test/try HashFlare service, share please your expirience what you like, and what, maybe – not, how one was proffitable for you, etc
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