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CCG Mining

CCG Mining  – cloud mining service was founded in 2016 during the heyday of the cryptocurrency market. To date, the company’s activities are based on the slogan – “We make it easy for you”. CCG Mining is an international company offering complex solutions based on blockchain technology. The branches are located in 6 offices in 6 countries: Poland, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Russia.

  • CCG Mining mission – is to provide the best services for cloud mining in the world
  • Focus on competence and professionalism, allowing you to be in trend technologies and customer expectations
  • CCG mining is actively developing in many markets and the interest of the miners is growing to one rapidly

CCG miningThe CCG team works effectively with changing market trends, adapting working methods and technologies used to the current needs and expectations of customers. With pleasure, accepting new challenges, maintaining high quality and stability.

CCG Mining is a large team of professionals, which strive to make the mining process to customers convenient, simple, and most importantly profitable. The service offers the best solution, working 24/7.

CCG Mining how to start

Miners – are computing servers that are used to support the Blockchain technology. CCG mining company places these miners in own data centers. They generate most of the computational capacity company has.

CCG mining contractsThe difference between CCG contracts:

Mining starts immediately (2-3 days) after the purchase contract+++
Choose contract based on the interests+++
The status of the business partner++
Support от CCG Mining++
There is the opportunity to develop their ICO projects+

CCG mining how to startIf you decide to set your miner to mine crypto-currency or want to make a huge investment in cloud mining, then place your order and email the CCG support to know further details.

Information about the location of the servers is not specifically disclosed for security.


Depending on the amount of money that the user has invested in mining, Mining CCG will build a unique miner with its features so your result was even better.

CCGminingCCG Mining Contract Prices

The period of return on investment of 6-8 months, but still very dynamic so you need to follow news and check options per some period.

  • All mined coins are paid on the 15th day of the month, and minimum payout = 0,002 BTC or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Different payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies at the rate of exchange Polonies. You can also do it via PayPal, T/T, Western Union.
  • In General, CCG Mining has 3 directions: selling contracts with hash rate, selling physical miners or rent, placing their own equipment in the company’s server.

CCG BTC Mining Contracts

CCGmining bitcoin contractsCCG Mining Etherium Contracts

  • Ethereum (ETH) is an online computing platform which has open source code that is built on the Blockchain technology and has Smart contracts functionality.

CCGmining etherium contractsCCG Mining Zcash Contracts

CCGmining zcash contractsCCG Mining Dash Contracts

CCGmining dash contractsCCG Mining Monero Contracts

CCGmining monero contractsCCG Mining LTC Contracts

CCG mining ltc contractsCCG Mining LBRY Contracts

CCG mining lbry contractsThe benefits of CCG Mining contracts

  • No additional fees and pink the purchase price of the contract
  • You can mine in at once or in 1-2 days after contract purchase or even earlier
  • System works 24/7 without interruptions
  • Servers are in a safe place, you don’t need to worry about noise, electricity, cooling equipment and dismantle the technical aspects of the settings that require little effort
  • You can easily calculate the potential level of earnings:
  • With CCGMining you can easily configure your miner and start mine cryptocurrencies you like
  • CCG Mining contracts are very popular, just: register, chose the contract, pay and the system will start to mine

CCG mining buy contractCCG Mining VIP Packages

These are financial service plans for the most informed investors. For those who want to significantly expand their investment project and get the maximum profit. Users who choose VIP Packages become CCG Mining partners and have the opportunity to participate in new projects of the company.

The invested capital has the following directions:

  • Creation new and improving old data centers
  • Creation and development of ICO projects
  • Creation of computer servers, etc

If you invest and choose a VIP Package, then you can become a co-owner of the server room and get the combing capacity. Also, you can potentially become part of the team for the new ICO in CCG company.

CCG mining vip packageCCG Mining Advantages

  • You can increase the profit from CCG Mining, the service will pick up the best solutions
  • You can trade the following crypto-currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash and this number of coins is constantly growing
  • Prices are quite competitive and interesting, and miscalculations are transparent and understandable; and there are no hidden fees, costs, etc.

If you look at Google Trends for CCG Mining results, you can see the TOP fast-growing regions and the interest to the cloud-mining service:

CCG mining world

  • There are V.I.P. packages, for serious investors
  • Payments are in Payeer, Bitcoin, and any cryptocurrency
  • Then real miner is good: you have your own server, which you can put where you need, you have full control over the server, if necessary, you can make additional settings yourself, this is the best that CCG Mining has to offer
  • This is a “real company“, where there are offices, equipment, a clear team that is constantly growing and in touch

And if you look at CCG Mining’s online traffic, then TOP regions: the USA, Russia, Germany, England, and Switzerland!

CCG mining buy

  • CCGMining takes as much routine time as possible, so that makes the process of cloud mining is pleasantly simple and accessible to everyone
  • The company has several products: mining contracts, CCG Smart Contracts, renting equipment and can provide a service for the development of new server for VIP investors, which allows solving the most complex tasks
  • The company provides mining services all over the World to any client interested in one service
  • Because of very many advantages, partnership with CCGMining is very appreciated, since it is a super service
  • Data centers of the company are also a great powerful advantage in comparison with many competitors

CCG Mining in social networks:

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  • – CCG Mining YouTube

CCG Mining Contacts

  • Company: CCG International LTD
  • E:
  • S: live: 8c973eefce2fcba2
  • W:
  • A: 85, Great Portland Street, W1W, 7LT, London, UK

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