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HashFlare Mining Pools

HashFlare Mining Pools – how to find the Best!

As you know, HashFlare is one of the most popular cloud mining platforms. Service allows you to buy hashrate and start mining with min. investments. So you get passive income every day with payments on your balance. The most interesting, that HashFlare is working already several years and it is really very reliable cloud mining service. Company has Data-centers which are up to date with the most efficien cloud mining equipment you can ever imagine and it is upgrading constantly by the HashFlare Team.

Hashflare Mining PoolsHashFlare Mining Pools

best mining pools for Hashflare service. What is the mining pool?

Mining pool – it is huge collaboration of miners, who agreed to share block rewards in equal proportion the the mininghashpower ones contributed. Miners can tune their hash power options: redirect, distribute to different pools.

NB: 80%+ mining pools are situated in Chine and it is real problem for the niche.

The best and most popular HashFlare mining pools 2017

Presently, there are about two thousands mining pools in the world. But only a few of them regularly show the best performance and bring the highest income. All mining pools must be specified based on their current performance. Tip: Select the three most powerful pools and place the sliders proportionally to the hashrate. To maximize your income, you need to adjust the pools as follows:

  • For SHA-256 – every seven days;
  • For Scrypt – every three days.

Today, Hashflare offers the best mining pools. Together, these five biggest pools account for over 65% of the network capacity. These are:

  • Antpool

Antpool was initially developed and released for the Chinese market. Later, it became trendy worldwide. BitMain owns this pool. Its mining hash power is almost 24%. The pool uses different payment methods. There is also a possibility to withdraw funds without a commission.

  • BTC China

BTC China is another huge mining pool located in China. The worst disadvantage of its interface is the limited use of English. BTC China hash power is about 12%.

  • BW.com

BW pool is a Chinese mining pool which allows mining bitcoins. Its hash power is almost 9%. You can withdraw funds without commission using PPLNS system.

  • F2pool

F2Pool (Discus fish) has been successfully working on the Chinese market since 2013. It allows withdrawing funds using PPS system. Its hash power is almost 17%.

  • Slush

Slush is the first officially registered pool on the planet. It has been successfully working since 2010. This pool uses 5% of the network capacity. Slush came up with its efficient payment system. Its commission is 2%. Slush supports Zcash. It allows mining bitcoin and litecoin.


So, now you know the best Hashflare mining pools are the best and the most reliable ones. Use any of them to mine crypto currencies and get a perfect passive income with Hashflare. But do not forget to find out which payment method a pool uses. Otherwise, you can miscalculate your expected profit from cloud mining. It is incredibly important to choose the right pool, corresponding to the goal that you want to achieve.

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