Hashnest – cryptocurrency mining platform which operates since 2013. With the help of one, you can purchase Antminer Hashrate. More than 300000 users worldwide use one service. Great mining infrastructure, partnerships with the best mining pools and hardware manufacturers help present the best experience to the customers.


With Hashnest you can easily buy mining equipment, trade and check all your transactions online. Company has some break in 2018, but currently it works with new plans and opportunities for one’s customers. Everyday you can check and receive your revenues with Hashnest.



To register in Hashnest you need:

Hashnest registration
Hashnest registration
  • Approve you email, check activation link in your inbox
  • After you need to go through SMS verification
  • Link Phone
  • And only after registration will be completed

How does Hashnest work

Hashnest cloud mining
Hashnest cloud mining

The company provides for customers remote cloud mining services, so you don’t need to buy miner to home or office.

So, to start work with Hashnest you need:

  • Create an account – after registration, you will get the crypto wallet, where you can receive your coins
  • Buy hashrate you need: BTC, BCH, ZCash, DASH, etc. (default mining pool is Antpool)

You can buy hashrate / mining contract with the next ways:

  1. From the Hashnest online shop – in 2-3 days it will be credited to your account after payment be completed.
  2. From the Hashnest’s market – you can buy as much, as you wish. You can start even with the small hashrate 1 TH/s. After purchase, your hash will appear in your account and cloud mining will be started.

To buy hash power from Hashnest market you need: 1) login to your account; 2) choose hashrate and click “market”; 3) click green button “buy”; 4) write the price you wish to pay for 1 TH/S in USDT (only in USDT market work); 5) type the amount of hashrate you want to purchase; 6) enter then your trade “PIN” = 6 digits code, you need it when buying or sell hashrate and withdraw money, it must be confident. You can set up your “PIN” in “setting”; 7) Choose “Place buy order” to confirm one.

Hashnest market
Hashnest market

You need to understand, that your order will be placed in the list of market.

  • ASK – it is sell order and ask the price THs/USDT
  • BID – buy order, if you buy, then you will see your order in bid, it will become success when ask price match with bid price
  • Also, you can cancel the order before matching

Before using it, check please market “History”, it will help you understand prices better.

  • Pay for your ORDER in crypto and only one. For this customer should deposit coins into Hashnest wallet before purchase.
  • Order will be sent to mining farms in China, Iceland after your account will be credited with hashrate
  • Mining begins and will be working 24/7
  • You can withdraw your payouts everyday, so wait for them 🙂

Also, you need to know, that Hashnest contracts has no expiration, so you can mine as long, as you want, unless the mining become not so efficient or unprofitable. When you daily maintenance fee will be higher your earnings.

More About Payouts

All payouts will be deposited to your Hashnest wallet. You get paid proportionally your amount of mined coins. Payout is very depends on Antpool mining pool, of it work and luck. Sometimes can be multiple payouts, if a lot of blocks were solved. Also, don’t forget maintenance fee, it depends the miner you choose before.

Maintenance fee charging by block, not per day!!! So, what remain will be your profit.

Check your transaction page, to monitor better your results!

Time to time Hashnest offers discounts, so keep checking our news, we’ll inform you asap, so you could have better deals!

Mining Shop

Hashnest mining shop
Hashnest mining shop

What can you purchase with Hashnest:

NamePower & FeePrice
AntminerS17pro (BTC)46.0W/THS – $0.0828/TH/Day 3799.0 USD
AntminerS15 (BTC) 60.7143W/THS – $0.1093/TH/Day1150.0 USD
AntminerS15 (BCH) 60.7143W/THS – $0.1093/TH/Day1388.0 USD
AntminerZ11 (ZCash) 11.3333W/KSol – $0.0203/KSol/Day2399.0 USD
StrongU STU-U6 (DASH) 2.197W/GHS – $0.004/GH/Day1999.0 USD

How to Make Withdrawals

To do it use your Hashnest wallet at the left menu bar. Then choose the currency you need and click “Withdraw”. Write the amount you need, enter trade PIN and confirm one. Pay attention, should be the right currency to the right wallet, if will be some mistake, you can lose your money of it.

If the transaction was successful, you will receive Email/SMS notification. Sure, don’t forget to check one with a hash here:

If you can’t find it, please write to Hashnest Support Team.

Other About Hashnest

Except shop, platform has Exchange service, own crypto wallet, you can do a lot of settings and, you can have discount using promo code, if you have one.

Hashnest links:

Hashnest Review

If you already had experience to use this service, please write your feedback lower in comments.

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